Pulga - The tiny avalon container

What is it?

Pulga is a tiny (16k only) implementation of avalon framework container.

It is used by guara internally and some applications written on guara.

Xingu replaced excalibur by Pulga as its internal container.


Download it here.

  • xingu-container-beta-1.0.jar: this package contains Pulga (the container) and a component called ConfigurationManager
  • xingu-utils-beta-2.0.jar: this package contains some utilities
Pulga depends on:

Base Configuration

<pulga> <component role="a.package.Component" class="a.package.impl.ComponentImpl"> <!-- inline configuration --> </component> <component role="a.package.SomeOtherComponent" class="a.package.MyImpl" configuration="key"/> </pulga>

On the first example, if you component lives on a.package.Component Pulga will search for a default implementation on a.package.impl.ComponentImpl.

So you don't have to add configuration lines on this case. Do it if you want to provide another implementation (second example).

You can supply inline configuration elements if you want, or, you can place them on separate files using a key to join the component and it's configuration (second example).